Friday, August 29, 2008

School Can Not Start Soon Enough - and August Giveaway

School starts Tuesday.

I know, Tuesday I'll be all misty-eyed as my two older ones get on the bus. The Boy will be gone all day now, versus half-day Kindergarten. Starting Monday, September 8th, my youngest will be gone four mornings a week.

Yes. I will miss them. I will also miss sleeping in and not having much of a plan for most days. I will miss hanging out in my pajamas most of the morning, heck - afternoon. I will miss having them at my beck and call, of being able to walk to the corner store for a treat if the moods strikes.

But I am looking forward to it as well. I am looking forward to routine and structure and maybe a little quiet time. To pulling out the crock-pot and making more casseroles. To grabbing a sweatshirt against the chill of the evening.

I'm spending today plotting next week, thinking about getting back into the routine of School and Fall.

Though they had a great summer, I think even they're ready to go back.


I almost forgot: August Giveaway!

Let me know in the comments something you're looking forward to - it doesn't have to be school related.

I'll draw the random winner Sunday.

What will you win? A four-pack of crocheted cotton dishcloths - and maybe a little something else as well.



MamaMaven said...

I am looking forward to football. I love watching college football, even if getting the Buckeye game here isn't all that common. Weather that lets me run when I want and not only 6AM before is good too!

Feener said...

some alone time with my baby girl

Nat said...

God, I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so my runs don't involve a litre of fluid... the leaves... and a bit of down time away from the neighbourhood kids who are making me bat shit insane.

Bryan said...

I was looking forward to today... but it's here. (see my blog no sense in typing it here)

Next I'm looking foward to seeing someone I love immensely Monday... then on the 20th, Circ Du Solei or however it's spelled, with a room that's similar to this one.

Lori said...

Wearing jeans without roasting until you get into air conditioning (I live in Las Vegas). Falling leaves (yes, that happens here). And seeing MADONNA in Vancouver.

Kim said...

All the fun stuff around here that Fall brings...Heart Walk for AHA on 9/20; State Fair the weekend after that, awesome fall festival/craft show the first weekend in October, Hallow-Scream at Busch Gardens...the list is seemingly endless :)


Mitzi Green said...

i'm looking forward to getting my BABY BACK (he's at his Grandma's for the night)!

so tell me--what kinds of things do you do with the crock pot? because now that i'm not home before 6pm, ben does all the cooking, and he's gotten incredibly lazy and i don't want to eat just dinty moore beef stew for the next several years. seems he can't manage an actual meal AND two kids. oh, how the tables have turned... ;)