Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Product Review: Meet the Sight Words

For some kids, reading comes naturally. For others, like my six year old boy, not so much. I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to try out Preschool Prep Company's dvd "Meet the Sight Words."

Sight words are words that don't follow basic decoding strategies: sounding out "mat" makes sense - m-a-t, but how do you sound out "you"? In "Meet the Sight Words 1" sixteen sight words are introduced by turning the word into an action. The word is repeated multiple times, and the word morphs into a more traditional black and white version.

Marketed for 15 months to six years, my six year old wasn't terribly interested. My four year old really got into it, asking to watch it again as soon as it was over. Later in the day, she found one of the sight words and asked me, "Is this the word play?" I couldn't have been more thrilled. As a parent, this can be rather tedious to watch, but the point of the video is to help kids learn otherwise potentially difficult words and it does that in a fun way for kids.

Another great product from ParentBloggers!

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