Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Product Review: Hanes and the "Comfort Fit Promise"

It's back to school time. After a summer of my kids living in their flip-flops, shorts, and varying degrees of grubby t-shirts, I'm cleaning out their closets. Yes, part of their 'vacation' at my parents' was to give me a crack at cleaning out their rooms.

One of the big things is going through the clothes that don't fit anymore. Jeans too short? Easy to spot. T-Shirts getting a little tight, that too. Underwear?

That is one sure sign your kids are growing - they need new underwear.

Fortunately, a few months back ParentBloggers asked if I'd be interested in receiving some Hanes products with their "Comfort Fit Promise" guarantee.

Free undies for the kids? You bet - and just in time. I was beginning to notice that my oldest's were a bit, um... low riding. And my son? By the end of the day there were marks around his hips.

I sent sizes for my oldest daughter and middle son. Like manna from heaven, Hanes sent a pack of boxers, briefs and crew socks for my son and a pack of bikini style, brief style and ankle style socks for my girl.

The only 'problem'? Nothing for my four year old. No worries, my oldest quickly surrendered the brief style panties to her. After all the care they took in getting the right size, it was easier to give up a pack than listen to the howling - over underwear.

I will say, they live up to the 'Comfort Fit Promise.' I haven't seen a tug at the rear or a gouge in a waistline since we've switched. The socks? Great as well - super soft and they've worn really, really well. One other thing I really like? The underwear is tagless - one less tag to keep tucked in.

There you have it, another great product! And even better? August 22nd, ParentBloggers will be having a blog-blast where you can win some Hanes wear for your own back-to-schoolers!

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amandajean said...

about the bento box quilt...I think that the finished square in the center is supposed to be 3" finished, which would mean that it's cut 3.5". I made up my own because I don't have the pattern. :)