Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday

Summer is winding down. Finally.

Last night our back yard was turned into a baseball field.

If you build it, they will come.

My husband and eight or nine kids played an impromptu game. Another Dad joined in, and the teams were surprisingly fair.

The Toddler and I took a nap instead. Not intentional, mind you, but we were just going to snuggle a bit. Two hours later we woke up. Both of our moods dramatically improved.

Last week, Amanda Jean set about to make some baby quilts. I dragged out the sock monkey fabric and got to work.

It's more green than yellow, and will make a great gift.

I have enough to make at least one more, though the fabric will vary.

Now... To find time to quilt it.

This afternoon a neighbor and I are taking the kids camping for a couple days. She thought it might be fun, and I know the kids will love it. Me? I'm just hoping the weather holds. Part of the state was under a frost advisory last night. Some of it even under a freeze advisory. Oy.



Tree said...

You're kidding??? Frost warnings already? And I was excited when it was a nice cool 67 deg this morning.

The quilt is lovely! I like it and the colors.

Have a super time camping!! I would love to go with you!

BlueBella said...

Cute quilt! And have fun camping:)

Mitzi Green said...

freeze? frost? bloody hell, woman. you need to come down here with the rest of us before you turn blue and solid.

Nat said...

Love the monkey fabric! Have fun this camping, I find cold nights snuggling by the fire can be so much fun.

Mayberrys said...

Frost? Freeze?
Good Lord.
It's still in the 90's here!