Thursday, May 29, 2008

Product Review - Maiden America

First off, this post is supposed to be a product review for Maiden America. And it will be...

Of my two daughers, my younger is the 'girly' one. She loves dresses and princesses and Dora, and all things 'sparkly.'

Since I decided to make the preschool teachers bags instead of quilts, I had some left over fabric.

And a pattern in the basement. Actually, I have a lot of patterns. I like them in theory, but when it comes to practice... Eh. Not so much.

Yestereday I put together an easy peasy two piece top and shorts...

The shorts are a little big because although the pattern calls for a 5/8" seam, I can't help but use the quilters 1/4". At least she can grow into them.

The back is a crisscross that I think is darling. The best of all this - it only took about an hour. It would have taken a bit less, but I messed up a couple seams and had to rip them out and start over.

Did you notice what is in her hair?


Not just any barettes, but the amazing no slip, hand made Maiden America barettes.

The pictures don't do them justice. The hardest decision we have to make is which to wear? Often it's the purple and the green. We also have a set of "pony pairs" that she frequents as well.

I love the barettes because they really do stay in.

When we first got them, I opened the box to show the Toddler. After oohing and aahing and squealing, she started to cry a bit. I asked her what was wrong... "Nothing, Mama, they're just so pretty!"

And pretty they are. For my other daughter, they're a bit 'girly,' but she occasionally will wear one to humor me. My younger daughter? Nearly every day she has one (or more!) in.

They're a bit pricier than traditional barettes. I've found them to be worth it though - buy it once and buy it right. There are multiple options in size and color - they're something for every little (and not so little) girl out there. It took me quite a while to settle on what I wanted.

Thanks to Parentbloggers for another great product!


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Anonymous said...

So this is supposed to be a thank you but first - I do a LOT of sewing and have no idea how you whipped that out in an hour WITH the ripping of seams. It doesn't look 'funky' (which things can - for me, the ironing is half of all the sewing). You go!!!

Okay - so now a proper thank you for testing our products. I so appreciate the great review! We work hard to make stuff that will last. With three girls of my own, things get 'handed down' and shared, too - so doing things this way is important and I'm glad that came through in your testing process. Thanks so much - and your daughter is darling, too ;-).

Maiden America