Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day

Really. Yesterday was great.

My parents are here. We worked in the yard all day. I am tired. They are workhorses. I can not keep up with them.

Do you mind if we... What would you think about... If it's alright...

Yes. Yes. And Yes. Do all of it. Do none of it.

Yesterday we got the pots planted, flowers at the mail boxes, the trees trimmed, and the plantings cleaned up. Oy.

My Minnesota skin shows. Even with sunscreen.

It was exactly how I wanted to spend the day.



Mitzi Green said...

too bad they weren't HERE today to prevent my husband from "trimming up" the shrubbery around the house. my personal favorite looks like it needs a few bandaids now. i'm taking away his hedge clippers until further notice.

Nat said...

Do they want to come help with my yard??

BlueBella said...

Nice! Aren't helpful parents just the best?