Friday, April 18, 2008

What do I owe you?

The last couple days I've done work for friends. And they ask, "What do I owe you?" Truth be told, I don't really know.

When I make things for etsy, I can easily calculate the amount of material and time it takes to complete a project.

But when a friend asks me, I run into trouble.

The pink sweater pillow from yesterday? I had all the stuff at home. It the only thing it really 'cost' me was my time.

The girl's dance costumes? It was an easy fix - literally one swipe with the machine, and twelve hand sewn stitches. Again, the only thing it cost me was my time.

When I worked I could tell you what my time was worth down to the penny. Now? Now it's not so easy.

To be honest, I make the things I do because I enjoy it. Even better when I can help out a friend. The money? It's just a bonus.


Tonight we have a 40th birthday party to attend down the street. We're sharing a babysitter with some neighbors, and having them over for home-made pizza before. Here's to good friends, and good times.


Loralee Choate said...

I understand your quandary. At least you have friends that offer to pay you. Try being a singer? I rarely, if ever get paid. Not that I expect it, but ya know? It would be nice if it was offered from time to time.

I just got my bag and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Cannot wait to hang out in MN when I'm there! It's only like a week away!

Tree said...

You have a gift that I am in awe of. I can sew a button, but that's about it.

Marnie said...

yep. sometimes the friends thing is a puzzle, but i find swapping works. cookies, other food, a coffee date, let me borrow that cookbook i envy - that kind of stuff. what goes around comes around, eh?