Sunday, April 13, 2008


I took advantage of the shitty weather yesteray and worked on my craft room for about four hours, give or take.

The result? I'm nowhere near done, but four giant bags of trash, and three boxes for good will leaves me feeling much, much lighter. I cleaned out, and then took out, the dresser. The desk is nearly clear, and all the boxes and baskets are off the floor.

Now I'm down to the hard stuff -the kids' ancient papers.

I figure if I go down there fifteen minutes a day and sort them, I won't turn into a weepy mess.

The weather's cleared up today, but it's still cold.

My husband leaves again Monday, but unlike the last two weeks, he'll be home Wednesday, versus Friday.


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Lotta said...

Goodness did Gretchen actually just write "Shitty"? I'm so proud of you!