Monday, April 28, 2008

Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Husband worked from home today. Meaning I got nearly nothing done.

I did manage to use my new serger to finish seven 20 inch x 9 foot table runners for one of the preschool teachers.

I persevered and got my nails done.

Dinner was take-out as tonight is The Boy's first Tee Ball practice.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm meeting Loralee.

And I'm just a little nervous.



Nat said...

OOooh it's a serger. What's a serger do again?

I am in total awe of anyone one who can make anything I tried to make a dress once. It was sad. Very sad.

So colour me impressed.

Tree said...

Gretchen, absolutely no reason to be nervous! You will love each other!!

Table runners - what a fantastic idea for a gift! You are oh so talented, my friend.