Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Monkey'n'Around

If you're looking for monkey fabric, I'd suggest:
Search by Collection, and scroll down to "Monkey N Around."

I've been looking for Gnome fabric, so if you come across that, I'd like to know.

In other news. I had a date last night. Yes. A date.

Why of course with my husband!

We had a really good discussion about 'things' - you know how hard it is to have a good talk with kids swirling around.

One of the main things I want to accomplish this summer is a Family Vacation. I'm still thinking of driving out to Yellowstone, and would like some feedback if you've been there, done that. Hubs is on board, and I'll be putting together a proposal soon.

Not much else. Tomorrow we're heading back north, and will have one more stop before home.

We haven't told the kids yet, but we'll be staying at a Waterpark tomorrow night! Whoot!


Builder Mama said...

Oooh, we've done the Yellowstone thing before. That is, my parents and I did it back in '91. Definitely the trip of a lifetime.

I want to say some of the other PIM's have gone to Jackson Hole (right by Yellowstone)...maybe Joansy and Tree? Not sure about that though.

Have fun at the waterpark! Sounds great.

Tanaya said...

Try to plan your major lodging outside of the park. The hotels, especially Lake and the newly remodeled Old Faithful Inn are nice, but not for several nights. Plus, the dining choices in the park generally suck. West Yellowstone is a good place to choose as a base camp. You can drive all over the park from there. Tent camping is only allowed in certain campgrounds and you need to reserve far ahead to make sure you have a spot.

The Tetons and Jackson Lake are a must see. Plan on spending at least one, if not two entire days around Old Faithful. The lower geyer basin has so much more to see than just Old Faithful. Spend some time around the Yellowstone Falls. There are lots of good trails with different vantage points that a lot of people miss. Lamar Valley is great for animal watching - early summer and early fall are best for seeing wildlife. The NE entrance to the park - Beartooth Highway is fabulous.

Tracey said...

I love Heather Ross' gnomes print from the "lightning bugs" collection, but sadly, it's sold out at their site (and at reprodepot). Perhaps you can still get some through ebay or etsy or the odd shop (apparently you can still order this through the Australian store, The Loony Pin).

Karen said...

Try They've got some fantastic fabrics I know you'll love.

Enjoy your time away.