Thursday, March 13, 2008

I shouldn't even be here...

Today is "Pack Up Everything But the Kitchen Sink Day."

Seeing as we're going to the funeral, then on to spring break at the In Laws, I have quite a bit to pack, do, and get ready.

Trip to Target - Check

Post Office - Check

Car gassed and washed - Check

I still need to:

fold three loads of laundry

Clean out the car

Pick #1 up from school

pack two sets of bags for four people

pack up the car

pack snacks, drinks and things to occupy for the car

tidy up the house

Bah! Not enough hours.

My thinking is I'll pack one bag for the kids to share for the funeral stop and one bag for the spring break stop. Normally I pack a bag for each child, so we're cutting the bags by one and we won't have to unload the entire car each stop.

I cried a little bit last night as I picked out my funeral clothes. Dare I say it's been 'nice' to have a week between the funeral and her death? It's given me a bit of time to 'process' my feelings and thoughts.

This is going with me:

Have a pleasant weekend everyone.


Nat said...

Safe journey...

Loralee Choate said...

Good thoughts with you this weekend.

Builder Mama said...

You forgot one thing. A trip to the liquor store. I always do that before any trips to see my IL's, it's essential for survival.

Seriously though, have a safe trip. Hang in there.

Karen said...

Have a safe trip.

g-man said...

Hey G. Sorry about your loss.

Was that a nod to "Clerks"? :)

I hope you gat all your stuff done. Safe trip, and be well.