Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You got the fever?

It's just starting to creep up on me.

Pick, pick, picking at my brain.

I am starting to fantasize.

I go in my closet and find the same three shirts and two pair of pants that have been my mainstay since I opened them at Christmas. My 'leave the house' clothes are starting to fit like a straight jacket.

My capri's and t's mock me.

It's still 18 degrees, they laugh, and it's going to snow tomorrow.

You have two more months before you can wear us.

Ha. F'ing. Ha.

A scant two weeks ago I ordered some wool yarn made in Ireland. I was fully committed to making something with it. I wasn't sure what, usually I have to see it and feel it to decide, but I was really excited about it.

When it arrived, I looked at it and knew.

It would be put away until next fall. I just can't look at it - the beautiful creamy Irish wool - and it's going to sit.

For now, I do my best to stave it off... Throw myself into craft-topia. I imagine using the Market Bags at the Farmer's Market, not for the trucked in crap that tastes little better than styrofoam. I know I should be grateful that I live in a world that has strawberries in February. But if they barely taste like strawberries, what's the point?

For me, one way to change my attitude is change my materials...

I'm feeling better already.



Bryan said...

Oh, yes! That will certainly do nicely! It will be one of the most ridiculous things ever! lol

Mitzi Green said...

um...yeah. i've had "the fever" since october. and i don't even HAVE any clothes in the closet that i'll be able to wear in 2 months. and i don't care. i want hot thunderstorms that leave sidewalks steaming. i want warm breezy mornings. i want to open the windows at night and listen to...bugs. and since i don't have any crafting to keep me sane, i guess i'll just keep spending money i don't have and slowly losing my mind waiting for 60s...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

My husband promises he will take care of the car thing but I always end up getting roped in to TEST DRIVE something. That puts me too close to the seedy carsalesmen and that's when they piss me off!