Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The S word

They're starting to throw it around... The "S" word.


I am not ready.

I know one person that thinks I'm nearly certifiable for my love of winter.

Sure, I may talk about the temperature, but in the grand scheme, it's no biggie.

The weatherman was getting his chuckels out today stating that, "It's going to warm up today!"

Oh yes. To 12.

Awhile back I bought three felted sweaters. Someone was going to do something with them, but never got around to it. (Sound familiar?) At the time, I liked the idea of felted wool and didn't quite know what to do with them...

Until today. I came across this tutorial, and was hooked. Either my hands are too big, or the sweater too small so I had to make some adjustments.

Rather than using the two sleeves, I used the body of the sweater, being careful to line up the pattern best I could.

My sewing machine would have gagged if I'd tried to feed the sweater through, so I used a decorative (and very functional) blanket stitch in contrasting wool yarn.


I love the fact that I could bring new life to an old sweater.

I'm starting to think I need to have Craft Camps. Come spend a few days. Bring your kids (mine will be here). They can play, we can craft. I'd be happy to teach how to crochet and share my limited sewing ability. Or you have something you want to finish but can't find the time? Bring it up and work on it. The Greg Brady Suite is available.



Tree said...

You know? I may just do that sometime!!

Mitzi Green said...

you would laugh if you saw the valentine-themed bookmarks i made last night for bob's class party. you'd laugh harder if you could've seen me making them.

and yes, i think you're certifiable. but you do bear a strong resemblance to some nordic ice princess, so i guess it makes sense. i, on the other hand, hate snow, hate wearing clothes (don't even mention LAYERS of them), hate wearing shoes, have a tendency toward dry skin and wool makes me itch.

so yes, i'll come to your "craft camp," but only the summer session, and only if by "craft" you mean "mixology."

Nat said...

I love winter too. People don't believe me but I do it is far better than summer.

(Your craftiness has me in awe.)

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

You are like Maria in Sound of Music!

Tanaya said...

Your Craft Camp idea is great. A friend of mine works a the local university and she is able to use a room in the student union building on the cheap. She does so about once a quarter and then she invites all of her friends for Saturday "Crafting". Everybody chips in a few bucks, brings their snacks and lots of projects to work on.

Jen said...

dudette - if only I lived closer...if only....