Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It was a very good day.

I'm kind of at a loss for words right now. I feel the need to write something, but I don't quite know what to write.

Every year, I look at my oldest, my middle, and my youngest and wonder, "How did I get here?" Really. As we were driving to the theater today, I did the mental math yet again, and wondered what I'll do when my baby is 18 and heading to college. I'll be 48. Forty. Eight. That is a whole freaking life to do stuff.

Thing is, I don't necessarily want to wait that long.

So, for 2008...

Run another marathon. I'm slated to meet up with Tree and Anne and take on the Oklahoma City Marathon. Dad's coming with me. Should be a good time.

Take a family vacation. My husband and I have discussed Yellowstone, so if anyone's "been there, done that" - I'd love some feedback.

Purge the 'stuff.' I feel like I'm surrounded by too much stuff - not enough substance.

That's about it.


Joe said...


I live in Yellowstone.

Shoot me an email.

It's a nice vacation. I'll set you guys up.

Karen said...

Purging the stuff is contagious. We put out 11 sacks for the bin men today and half of them were full of crap accumulated over the year. I'm doing one room each night this week and being ruthless with the clearout. There's only so much a house can hold.

Nat said...

I love the purging idea... I think I may steal it. So well put... I haven't done my 2008 list yet. Still thinking...

I too sit back and wonder what I'll do when The Boy leaves. It's a strange space to visit.


Army Wife said...

Another great hiking vacation is Zion and Bryce in Utah....

Gorgeous indeed!!

We woke with deer right outside of the tent!!

Tanaya said...

Ditto to Joe's comment. I can give you some good tips.

Gretchen said...

Joe and T - I will take you up on your offers. I've been out 'west' but never to Yellowstone. It's on the list.

Karen - that's where we're at - "full!" I have to do it when the mood strikes.

Nat - strange space indeed.

AW - thanks for the idea. I grew up vacationing during the summer and they were always road trips.