Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday by the numbers

1- times I've been alone since Monday Noon.

2 - pounds to go to reach my "lose 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas" goal

2.5 - hours alone

3 - kids I'm done Christmas shopping for.

4 - gifts I have yet to make.

7 - packages I've mailed in the last five days.

8 - pounds I've lost since Thanksgiving

10 - days since I've run.

11 - days until I start training for my next marathon.

11 - days until Christmas.

25 - pounds to go.

435 - miles to train

It's been decided... OKC Marathon. April 27, 2008. My dad is running with me. Tree and Anne - can't wait.



Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, you can actually lose weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's pretty impressive.

Lotta said...

You are a brave soul to attempt weight loss in December. I need to get my Future MILF post up soon...but I've chickened out of WW meetings for the past 2 weeks because I didn't want bad news!

Tree said...

I love Friday by the numbers!

435 miles to train. I like that one. I am totally and absolutely excited.

Fronde said...

Good for people to know.