Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Night Sillies

No, really... She looks like me. Her father calls her my "Mini Me." I call her my shadow.

Four stinking percent? I was thinking it would be closer to 75 or 90. Ah well. I know she's mine. Especially when she pouts. Maybe I'll try another picture.

And the other two? I haven't forgotten about them. The only reason I'm even posting this late is I now have my very own laptop. One that I can cart all over the house. Right now I'm snug as a bug, in my bed. This is also helpful because my husband does so much work from home, it frees up the office for him. That and I'm in bed.

The other neat-o thing about this is it's a tablet, so I can opt to write on the screen instead of type. My oldest thinks it's pretty cool, and she made a list for us earlier of "Things to Do." A list. Wonder where she got that idea.

Better tuck in. It was an early morning by our standards. I was out of bed by 7:15. One of the things I enjoy as the kids get older is they can get up and turn on the TV, find a snack, and occupy themselves for awhile without me. It's not that I don't 'hear' them, but I'm still in bed with my eyes closed. And they're good kids. And if one of them gets out of line, I'll hear about if from the other two. Not this morning. The two older were downright fussy and loud. I got up, if only to give Dad a few more minutes of shut-eye. A well-rested Dad is a happy Dad.

Anyway, most mornings find our two wee ones in bed with us. This morning, they looked at me expectantly around 7, asking if it was 'time to get up.' I could have said no and they'd have laid there contentedly for another 30 to 45 minutes. But around that time, Big Girl woke up, and the other two spied her going down the stairs. "How come she's up?" Well, are your ready to get up. "YESSSSSS!" I love the hissed whispers of the morning.

They crawled over me and followed their big sister downstairs. I heard the TV click on and the fussing started. Big Girl is just that - getting 'big.' She's no longer content with much of what the other two watch, and since she was downstairs first, she grabbed the remote. I could hear them fussing about the channel. This happens occasionally, and generally they can work it out in a few minutes and I doze off. Not this morning. I headed downstairs after five minutes - or so.

I told them today would be a long day, and if there was any more fussing at all, the could go back to bed. Though not unpleasant, I am generally not a morning person. I grabbed a blanket and promptly snuggled up on the couch. At one point The Boy crawled up and curled up on me. I thought we might both fall asleep right there but it wasn't to be. I did get some work done on one of my custom projects for etsy, but it was still much to early for me.

Hey, I've been there with the child that gets up at 5:30 am - for the day. I've done that more times than I want to remember. This is my payback. Even better? Big Girl made me toast this morning. With honey-butter.


For those of you keeping track - this is my 555th post.



Jenny said...

Dude. She looks just like you.

I think the meter's broken.

Danielle said...

Thanks for giving me something to do at work today . . .the results C-man looks 14% more like me & Little Missi . . . 11% more like Baby Daddy! Dang . . .I thought E was my "Mini Me!". Whatever . . the software is wrong :)

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

You need to use another photo. Because Little One is your twin. Just like the other two look like their dad.

Declan is an equal mix of the 2 of us, I wonder what the meter would say?