Monday, September 10, 2007

So I wussed out...

And ran 10 miles instead of 12.

During my run, I determined two things.

1. If I want to do much more running, I'm going to have to cut some weight. Eat less. Bah.

2. I'm ready to cancel my Shape subscription. See where it touts "The #1 Weight-Loss Secret"?

Does anybody want to venture a guess as to what it is?

I'll give you one clue.

Eating fewer calories than you burn.

Guess that probably gave it away.


Tree said...

Freaking hilarious. It's no secret. It's just the facts.

Good job on the 10 mi!!!

I have plans to wake up early and run 9 mi in the morning. I will report on that tomorrow.... So send me "get the hell out of bed" vibes at 4:30 tomorrow morning.

Tanaya said...

I love that women's magazines can you "sell" you that secret over and over again. It ain't no secret, girlfriend. It is hard to do, though. Good luck with the long runs!

Mitzi Green said...

did you send them a letter that says "no shit, sherlock?"

Karen said...

I'm glad you revealed the secret - I'd have sat for months wondering why I was getting so fat otherwise ;0)

I admire the 10 miles. 10 metres and I'm ready for the knackers yard.

Builder Mama said...

What, only 10 miles? Slacker!

Just kidding. I'm right there with Karen.

I do like Shape in that I get some good eating ideas, but sometimes the cover blurbs really irk me. Like, duh, eat fewer calories than you burn to lose weight? Whodathunk?

Lotta said...

"only" 10! My God if I ran 10 miles I would be on life support. Good for you! I hate those lame weight loss tips.