Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Product Review: Printakid

You know the saying "Everyone's favorite topic is themself"?

It's true.

A great option for kids is Printakid's personalized books for children. They have six different stories available in two reading levels: preschool (3-6 years) and elementary (7-10 years). They also offer audio CD's.

We chose "The Robots of Sedna" for The Boy. I entered his name and chose the correct reading level. I then picked his hair color, length and texture; his eye color and shape; and skin tone. I was blown away by the number of choices: five skin tones, five eye colors, and six hair colors. They also offer hair long or short, and straight, wavy, or curly. There are two parent (or guardian) slots that give plenty of relationship options beyond Mom or Dad, and three friends can also be entered.

In the end, we came up with a wonderful book that combines all of The Boy's favorite people: Mom, Dad, and his sisters. He loves hearing all our names read aloud and hearing about the "brown-haired, brown-eye boy named ...". The Boy is the hero of the story that gets to "save the galaxy". He loves reading it and having it read to him, to the extent that I didn't even have to get the book to write up this review - we've read it that many times. That alone is priceless.

I went to get a picture of him reading last night, but was too late:

Sweet dreams little man, have fun saving the galaxy.

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Elizabeth said...

Great review! I got the same book for my 8 year old, and I'm posting my review on Thursday :)