Friday, September 14, 2007

Have you ever had one of those moments

When all is right with the world?

Last night was the Big Girl's first night of Ballet.

Of all the activites she was offered, she picked Ballet.

I was hoping for basketball, soccer, or even softball, something I could cheer at and something I am at least a little knowledgeable about. Something we could have in common, maybe.

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink shoes.

Hair in a bun.


Before I go much further with this, I feel I need to explain something. I didn't participate in 'group sports' until I was in fifth grade. And then my option was Basketball or Cheerleading. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't make the cheerleading squad - so Basketball it was. Looking for the perfect jump shot, lay up, or free throw? I still got it...

Around here, you can put your three year old in about anything imaginable. For me, it's a fine line. How much is too much? Part of it is the time - by the time the Toddler wants to participate, I'll have three kids in different things. The other part is money. As much as I don't want to deny her the opportunity to participate, we simply can't afford to do something different every night.

Until now, she's been pretty non-committal about it all - we've done swimming lessons (not an option), some 'dance line' stuff through community ed, and basketball when she was younger. Last spring, she told me she would like to do ballet. When I asked her again this fall, it's the only thing she really wanted to do.

Fortunately, we have a great dance studio that just opened two blocks away. The do offer classes starting at 3 years, but they're combination ballet/tap or ballet/jazz or tap/jazz classes. She just wanted Ballet and they start Ballet I at 7 years old. Perfect. I signed her up two weeks before classes started (got the last spot) and found the gear.

Last night, after she put her tights and leotard on, I put up her hair in the requsite bun.

She looked like a different child and it made my heart ache.

We went to the studio and she bolted in.

Being the first night of class, it was general chaos. Kids and parents everywhere.

Once she walked into the studio... I had that sense that she is exactly where she belongs.

Even though this is something I can't help her with, I have a feeling she'll do just fine.

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink shoes.

Hair in a bun.



Tree said...

I love ballet! I never took dance - like you, I was all for team sports, particularly soccer. In retrospect, I think the balance and grace a child will learn in ballet is something that will stay with her forever. Nice choice, Big Girl!

Army Wife said...

we just started my 3 year old in ballet as well...

she didn't listen well and got into trouble first class..

I was like (yeah she is three and in a costume...good luck)

We to have been narrow with the activities for young ones as well! $ and well...part of me thinks the rest of Surburbia is nutz for overscheduling themselves

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I can totally see her. Makes me smile.

Mitzi Green said...

eh, my kid is (evidently) good at math. whattaya gonna do?

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

We had a similar experience :) My daughter also choose ballet (I was never a dancer, that was my sister's job!). I was worried about her reaction.....
check it out...
Glad you guys had a positive experience like we did!

Mayberrys said...

WTG, Big Girl With A Bun!! I cam't wait to see photos :)