Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sixteen Weeks

Late yesterday, I came to a decision regarding the Las Vegas Marathon.

I miss the structure of training. I miss having to carve out several hours of running, "Me Time," every week. Of putting my head on the pillow and nearly immediately falling asleep. I miss working toward an obvious goal.

I don't miss falling asleep with ice packs on my knees. Or the extra load of laundry I create. Or still trying to find the perfect sports bra combination.

My first marathon was truly an experience I'll never forget. It was perhaps the single hardest thing I've done - yes, harder than giving birth. But for the amazing memory, I want to do it better.

I know I can do it better.

Yesterday, I was totally at peace with my decision. After my husband got home, I put on my shoes and went for an stellar four mile run. Maybe it was the fact that I was running through the park as it was getting dark. Maybe it was the fact that I've been watching too many CSI reruns lately. Maybe, it's just because I am excited to run.

That is why I've decided to run the Las Vegas Marathon December 2, 2007.

I've got sixteen weeks to get ready.


Tree said...

You can do it!!!!!!!!!

And I totally know what you mean about missing the goals, the time to yourself, the feeling of utter exhaustion when you go to sleep - in the bones, not just the head.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I totally know you can do it girl!!!

sAssY brOwn said...

That's awesome, good for you!