Friday, March 02, 2007

Keeping It Clean

Product review time!

I was sent a wonderful box of CleanWell products. A handy-dandy 1 oz spray pump and half dozen individually wrapped wipes.

Due to crappy weather in these parts, my husband is home for the second day in a row. Though I will post a glowing review when time permits, let me say this:

I love this stuff.

My only issue is they didn't send more. The spray pump has a hinged lid, one less thing to lose, and is the perfect purse or briefcase size. Two pumps, rub dry, and my hands felt wonderfully clean. The wipes are so nice - they are a generouse 6" x 9" size with a bit of a weave in the fabric so my hands felt really clean when I was done.

I will be buying more.


g-man said...

Do they make a shampoo? Heather is always telling me to get my head out of the gutter.

greeblemonkey said...

After I saw Liz's review, I emailed them and asked for a list of places in Denver where I could get it!