Friday, March 09, 2007

Finally. Friday.

It seems as if this week has been a month long.

Calling my parents every morning after the Big Girl got on the bus, every night before bed, and usually two other times each day, has become quite the routine for me. Everything is getting back to normal - as normal as it can be.

The babies are continuing to do well.

What amazes me about the whole process in having preemie twins, is that this time it's not the babies that are having the hard time, it's the Mom.

My sister was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. After six days. What amazes me is that she's 'well enough' to go home, but when she's at the hospital, she is supposed to ride in a wheelchair . I understand that some recovery must take place at home, that the hospital and insurance companies can not wait until she's 100%, but to send her home while they're still tweaking her blood pressure medicine, and that she must ride in a wheelchair while at the hospital? That Wednesday a snafu in her medication nearly caused her blood pressure to bottom out? That she's been showering while sitting in a special shower seat, and brushing her teeth while sitting in a chair and can barely walk from point a to b? Very curious indeed.

Pretty soon, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming - Me. Because, you know, that's who it's all about around here.

As for my MILF update, considering the stress of the last week and the delivery of Girl Scout cookies, I'm delighted to say that I've stayed the same. I've maintained a 5.5 pound loss.

As for running - last week I completely rocked. This week, not so much, but I did it. On my four mile run on Wednesday, I thought my legs may have well been made of lead.

Last Week Mileage: 16
This Week Mileage: 15
Total for Program: 55

In combining a word about the two, I know that if I just cut back a little, my weight loss would be very good indeed. As things start to settle down, I'll stop eating a sleeve of thin mints in one sitting, or three Taco Bell soft taco supremes. Or both. There's something to be said for running 4x and cross training 1x a week. Five workouts a week does make a difference. Calories in, calories out.
Nine mile run on Saturday. Should be fun.
The kids and I are driving down tomorrow. I am excited in that I will be able to see the babies, and get more pictures. I printed off the 80 pictures I took last week and mailed them to my sister. She was so excited to get them. 80 pictures in 15 minutes, not bad...


Tree said...

Nine miles already! That's great, G!!! You can totally do it. And it is all about the math.

I will continue to think of your sister & her babies. I am stunned they let her out of the hospital.

Safe driving, my friend.

Butrfly4404 said...

All things considered, I think it's great that you still found time to run...AND maintained your weightloss with GS Cookies there? What are you, magic?

Best wishes for your family!!

Builder Mama said...

Now that I'm conscious enough to comment, I'm glad your sister is doing better. I remember when my dad was so sick and came home from the rehab place that he could barely walk and all I could think about was how pissed I was that he wasn't better before they let him go home. It does get better, though, especially with a huge fan club in your corner!

Oh, and btw, I owe you a huge apology. Know when I got your voice mail that you left me on Sunday? TODAY. Alltel sucks.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Any week that is not a a win! Good luck next week!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Good job. I managed to lose 2 lbs which was a surprise since I polished off a box of Samoa's on my own!!

1girl2boys said...

Yum, girl scout cookies. And taco bell too. Way to burn them off! I wish I could say the same.

Lotta said...

Ok, I see what's going on with your sister now. Insurance. Argh! Cheap bastards.

I so hear you on the working out and yet still eating a Big Mac theory. If only I could scarf an apple or 8 after running I'm sure I would be slim. But at least we are out there upping our metabolisms!