Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hump Day.

Doesn't feel like it, but it's Wednesday. No school on Monday, and that threw me for a loop.

Play Date
Kids are having an accidental play date. The Boy invited a friend over after preschool, and Big Girl had a friend call as well. Worked out better for her friend to come over, so now I've got five kids upstairs. Then downstairs. Then upstairs. They're having a great time. Funny how it sometimes works better with a couple extra kids.

It's that time of year around here... Girl Scout Cookies. This is our first year, and I think we might reach our goal. Door to door sales are ok, but considering we were the third, or fourth, girl to visit... and that was on the second day of the sale. I've emailed most everyone I know in hopes of coercing them to buy a box. Or ten. One of our service projects - selling extra boxes then donating them to the food pantry. I'll also pick out a few of the unmeltable ones and send them to the soldiers in Iraq. We're not supposed to sell them online, but we can inform people that we are selling them. Consider yourself informed.

Need I say more?


g-man said...

When I said they should have a bigger hill I didn't mean that they should have to shovel all the snow up to make it bigger! I guess with the extra kids there they could make short work of it.
the RPI radio station (back in the late `70's) used to play "The Hump Day Unusual Moment" The DJ would go on about needing leather straps and such, anyway, I cant hear hump day without thinking about leather straps.

Tree said...

I agree - it does work better when there is a friend over!