Sunday, December 10, 2006

What makes my heart sing

So I was perusing blogs last night, as I'm prone to do when I can't, but should be, sleeping. I read a line, and it got me thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

Thinking about what makes my heart sing. What pulls me away from the mundane, the every day. What brings inner-contentment, what brings peace.

The way my baby grabs my neck and hugs me. And not just any hug, but a tight, vice like grip around the neck hug. And I hug her back, because if I am lucky, when she pulls away, she'll lean back in and give me a kiss on the cheek.

The way my boy wants to give me two hugs before I leave. The first is always a running jump where I have to brace myself so that the flying forty-five pound mass of boy won't knock me over. The second, he'll grab my leg with an "I love you." Then run to the front door to wave, with barely a backward glance.

The way my six year old wants to be tucked in at night. Covers a specific way, with a Care Bear or two to keep her company, she requests a "Mommy Hug" in which I lay over her and smother her face with kisses.

While I'm doing any of those, the world melts away. Nothing else matters.

But there is more to life than my kids.

It's things like being alone in the car and playing the radio really loud and singing along. It's the perfect cup of chai tea latte. It's reading cookbooks tucked in bed bolstered with plenty of pillows. It's cookbooks in bed with chai tea latte. It's creating a gift for someone. It's finding a groove at the gym during my cardio and letting my mind wander, because my body is cooperating.

There are so many fleeting moments during the day when the world is 'right.' It can be hard to see them, but they're there if you take the time to look.


Jenny said...

I love this post. This is one of those things i need to remind myself to enjoy...a post that speaks to me.

Tree said...

G, I needed to read this today. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

Very nice...

beta won't let me log in.

-Joe (dude abides)