Monday, December 11, 2006


What takes eight hours to prepare for and only one hour to execute?

If you guessed a GS Meeting... You're right!

The girls had a great time... The other mom was amazed at what we got through.

Started off with mixing the Cinnamon Clay. Well worth it. I would recommend this as a fun change of pace for play-doh around the holidays. Once mixed, it didn't stain the hands. I did mix up two batches ahead of time - that way, if the girls' mix didn't work, I had back up. The stuff is really neat and smells really cinnamony... I went around the table, with one girl adding the cinnamon, one adding the applesauce, one adding the glue, and two mixing. Then put in in a quart freezer bag so they could take turns "kneading" it while I explained the next project...

Paper weaving. The kids thought it was just ok. I had them cut the warp paper (the plain construction paper) while I explained the weft paper (the pre-cut xmas paper). Next time, I would create a word template of lines and print it on the paper, then they could just follow the lines. But, there's something to be said for having them try it on their own. They weaved in and out - some had some trouble remembering to start over first, then under, then over - but eventually they got the hang of it. As they finished with their weaving, I taped the underside and then glued the weft pieces down.

Next came the Cinnamon Clay Ornaments. I had two rolling pins and plastic sheet thingys (that's the technical term... thingy) so the first two done got started on the ornaments. They were able to make 2 large and 2 small out of the amount I had for them to work with. The rest started on the foam gift tags. These were sets from a craft store that were 50% off. Each girl got to make two. It worked well, as they finished, the others were done making the ornaments, so they switched around. After they'd finished both projects, it was snack time.

The meeting ran from 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm and the girls (and I) were busy every minute. For the most part, as they finished a project I threw the remainder of the stuff in my tote to sort out later.

Three girls were gone, so I'll pack up a bag for them of "to do" projects to earn the Try-It.

Got home, gave the kids a bath, story time, and tucked them in. Mixed myself a drink and will now go tuck in with my next project... The Big Girl wants to give her teacher a crocheted poncho for Christmas. I've got the yarn, and just need to get started...

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