Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hump Day

Catching Up
I've let a couple things slide. Nothing major, but it's been hanging over my head. Today, I've been working through it. Thank you notes, Girl Scout stuff, Christmas cards. See... Nothing major, but I'm trying to keep up this year. The Boy's friend is over, and they're watching Caillou's Holiday Movie. If there's ever been something that will make me want to scratch my eye's out, it's Caillou.

Hillbilly Holiday
I've got the Christmas music on. Today it's the country music version of Christmas. Yee Ha!

We Eat in the Kitchen
I guess they really do listen. We've been working on keeping food and drink in the kitchen, and I it's finally sinking in. I'm sitting in the office and Toddler girl just took my Diet Coke away from me with a stern, "Take dis to Kit-chen!" Off she went. That's one of the scary/freaky things about being a parent - hearing your words come out of your child's mouth. And not only hearing the words, but the tone...


Tanaya said...

My grandmother used to play country Christmas music when I was a kid...Crystal Gayle and Buck Owens. It's pretty corny to think about now, but I do like George Strait and Kenny Chesney's Christmas stuff.

Lotta said...

Good for you on the kitchen rule. I just cleaned the sofas and chairs with a steam cleaner and am trying to put that rule into action. It works most of the time, but Friday pizza nights migrate to the sofa and a video.

Love country music! Do you listen to The Wrights? I can't stop playing their CD lately.

Gretchen said...

Tomorrow it may be manheim steamroller or the trans-siberian orchestera.

Tayana- they did have some Dolly Parton going for awhile.

Lotta - one thing we do is have a famiy room picnic. I lay a blanket on the floor and they can eat on that. Much easier to throw in the wash.

Lotta said...

Excellent idea! And I dislike Caillou as well. He's a big whiner.

Mrs. Wheezer said...

I loathe Caillou!

Not too hot on Christmas country music but have been enjoying Trans-Siberian Orchestra lately...

LOL! on hearing me coming out of S.' mouth. L. is still blissfully speechless.