Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hump Day

Late Start
Today is a two hour late start for the schools. Meaning, I could be sleeping in, but instead, I've been up since 4:44. Got up, cleaned my stack of crap in the office, and ordered a couple Christmas gifts. Everyone else is still asleep...

Christmas Cards
About a week ago, I tried to get a "good" picture of the kids for our Christmas card. Forty-five pictures later, nothing. Until I let the kids take turns taking pictures. Then the fantastic smiles I was looking for came out. Only problem? Every picture has only two kids instead of three. Since it is a late start today, I'm going to try again this morning. All I need is one reasonably good picture of three kids - is that too much to ask?

Though I usually don't pay much attention, I noticed the other day that my site meter is over ten thousand. Pretty cool. I've also noticed that my daily traffic is gradually climbing up. Pretty cool, too. Not sure what I'm doing to deserve it, but it's neat to see people are reading what I'm writing.

Have a great day!


heatherzg said...

DH would photoshop the best picture of the missing child into the best picture of the other two and be done with it. Occasionally this method gets some odd results but more often than not you can't tell he fiddled with it.

Good luck in your search for the elusive good picutre!

schloobie said...

One word: collage.