Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I couldn’t sleep Thanksgiving night. Had about a forty-five minute nap in the afternoon, so my schedule was out of whack. Started thinking about all I was thankful for. The list is pretty long. My thoughts shifted to my friend who lost her husband, and how time really is fleeting. How it’s not if we’re going to die, it’s when. Really, how much time do we know we have? I started thinking about my “Life List” – you know the big “To Do” before it’s over.

It’s not really important what’s on my list, but I do have one.

I started thinking about what holds me back from accomplishing things I want. The biggest, for me, is fear of failure. But also, there’s a trifecta. Three things that either help or hinder any project: ability, time, and money.

Right now, I have as much ability as I’m going to. Time and money are another thing – right now. Sure, if I really wanted it, I could make time, but truth be told, there are only twenty four hours in a day and most of those hours are taken up caring for the young ones. Money, well, we’re feeding, clothing, and housing a family of five on an income of one. Not that we’re wanting, just trying to plan ahead and make sound decisions.

At some point, I’ll gain more time. The kids will get older and more self-sufficient. Eventually, they’ll leave the house. Money – at some point, I’ll go back to work. Things may get tighter as the kids get older – with activities, and eventually college, but at some point, hopefully, things will loosen up. I look at my parents, my dad especially. Retired, he’s got the time and money, and, because he’s taken care of himself, he’s got ability too. Some, though, as they get older, end up with a lot of time, but no ability. Others, no money. It’s a balance to strike.

So it’s now 2 am and I still can’t sleep. I start thinking about the ability based things I want to do. One of them… A marathon. Besides the ability, the second most needed thing is time. Money, I shouldn’t need another pair of shoes for about 100 miles and the entrance fee is minimal. I start planning out how to carve workouts. The obvious, is to do as much as I can in the mornings when I go to the gym. As I increase my effort, my mile time will decrease, allowing me to get more in the same amount of time.

I’ve thought plenty of times about Marathon to Marathon in Iowa. It’s not too far distance-wise, and I have family in the area. Now, for the training. Right now, today, it’s twenty nine weeks out. So I’m thinking of doing a 5k or 10k training program to work up to the eighteen week Hal Higdon’s Novice Program. I’d have to start that February 11th.

Now is as good of time as any.


Tree said...

I know you can do it. You have the drive & the dedication.

Hal Higdon's program is a good one.

Builder Mama said...

Woo hoo! You go, girl!