Monday, November 27, 2006

Playing catch up

Arrived home last night to an empty fridge and three kids that had taken late naps in the car... Fortunately, we'd picked up some Taco Bell and Long John Silvers. Yes, around these parts they have a joint TB/LJS.

Unpacked the car and fed the kids. Spent the rest of the night unpacking, designating dirty from clean laundry, and then trying to get them settled. Because of said nap in car, we had an extended storytime last night. Read the "required" reading for the big girl, and started an "American Girl Book" - Kirsten, if you must know.

The kids didn't settle into sleep until 10 pm last night. I know, we should have left earlier, but... well... it was hard letting go of the holiday weekend.

Today I'm looking at grocery shopping and most likely a Sam's run. The kids want to get the tree up, but it's currently residing in the rafters of the garage. I may be foolhardy, but I'm not stupid; I'll let my husband get it down when he comes home. The big girl wants us to come for lunch - it's French Toast Sticks after all. Have Mount McLaundry to tackle today and maybe a trip to the gym tonight.

Mmmm... French Toast Sticks...

Need to get going if we're going to make it to school by 11:15.

Just another day in paradise, right?

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Tanaya said...

It is a bummer getting back into the grind. Here's to quick and painless loads of laundry and yummy french toast sticks!