Monday, November 06, 2006

Orlando, The Long Version, Day Five.

Time to go home. After a very busy day at the world's happiest, snort, place - it was time to load up and go home.

Having spent the night before loading up dirty clothes, we were pretty much set. The valet guys thought it was pretty funny that each kid dragged their own pilot sized suitcase. It was, but that's something we work on here - self reliance.

Loaded up the minivan one last time. Watched part of the movie one last time as we headed to the airport. Got to the airport and decided to eat breakfast before going through security. I'm more of a get through security first type girl. Ate, and then got in line.

Not quite sure how it happened, but we ended up in the slowest line. First, the gal insisted that we each hold our own ticket, rather than one of the adults holding them all. Then, she proceeded to ask the kids their names. Ok... Fine. But when your four year old turns into the quiet, shy, won't talk to strangers type, it's not good. Asked the big girl her name first. She answered, then ended up answering for all of the kids. Good, I suppose. She then hands all the tickets to my husband. Not bad, but why insist that each person hold his/her own, then hand them back to one person?

Get in the actual security line. Again, the slowest line. I'm not kidding, I counted the others soaring through their lines. Soaring - no problem. We just plodded along while I grew more and more agitated. This, I repeat, this is why I want to go through security first, then eat.

Finally get through security and make our way to the plane. Everyone is already lined up and it's a full flight. Decide to gate-check the Toddler's carseat. Finally get on the plane.

It was a long flight. At least it felt like it. Note to self: next time, if the Toddler is still in her carseat - have her fly in it. We, meaning I, ended up with the tired, wiggling, buckle-unbuckle, girl that wouldn't take a nap. I do believe if she'd been in her carseat, she would have.

Arrive at the airport. We'd had to park at another parking garage because they'd closed one down for repairs. We decided that Husband would take the boy and get the car while I waited for the luggage. We finished up about the same time, with the exception that I thought he had a black suitcase, when infact it was grey. Sorted that mess out and it was time to go home.

Overall it was a great trip.

Next time - just pack two big suitcases. Each child does not need his or her own pilot case. Though not necessary, the kids loved the new crayons and markers to work with. Also, go through security before eating...


Tanaya said...

I'm with you - eat after security. Planning and trying to stay ahead of schedule usually mean less chance of a major malfuction, especiall with little ones in tow!

Jenn said...

love the picture! Glad you made it back safe and sound and all had a great time!