Thursday, November 16, 2006

He wasn't supposed to be on the plane

The last I've heard, he wasn't supposed to be on the plane. He had planned to take a commercial flight home, but his wife called concerned she was in pre-term labor. He had reservations about being on a small plane.

What amazes me about this is the ruthless speed of information. I can read my hometown newspaper online to get information; I can read the newspaper of where the crash happened. Emails have been flying back and forth as arrangements are made. The initial information I got was from e-mail -"It is with a heavy heart... killed last night in a plane crash... has 4 sons and a fifth child on the way... Please keep them in your prayers." Not to forget, the old fashioned phone - I've gotten calls from friends back home to make sure I knew. One on my cell phone - access to anyone, anywhere.

Today I'm doing laundry and packing up, getting ready to go to an informal get together tonight, the visitation Friday and the funeral Saturday. We were already planning on going to my parents this weekend for an impromptu Thanksgiving- my uncle and aunt (they've divorced - but that's another story) are coming from Denver, and now my other uncle and his family are coming as well. Looks like mom and dad will have a full house. It should be fun, but my mind will be elsewhere. What if it had been me?


yvonne said...

That is just heartbreaking.
GOD Bless your friend and her family thru this difficult, difficult time. I have 3 children and could not even imagine....we have to count our blessings.
Have a safe trip.

Jenn said...

god bless their family and yours. Drive safely and have fun. It is hard to image, but when something hits this close to home I'm always reminded that these things happen everyday. So blessed that it isn't us. r

schloobie said...

I am so so so sorry.

Denise said...

That is so horrible. :(