Friday, October 06, 2006

Post and Run

In-Laws arrived last night after the kids were in bed.

Did get my workout in today - rode my bike there since the kids were able to stay home and play. I've lost 8 pounds in the last two months. Another two and I'll post a "During" picture. I love the Before and Afters, but I need to celebrate intermediate success as well.

FIL is playing golf with my husband. The rest of us dined at the school cafeteria. Some things have changed, some have not. "Riblet," macaroni and cheese, peas, choice of fruit, S'more cupcake, milk - white or chocolate. I didn't bother to buy a lunch. Just ate a few bites off the Toddler's plate.

Now, with The Boy at preschool and The Toddler sleeping, I'm going to run a couple errands - by myself! I think MIL may have a little "rest" - the kids can really take it out of you when you're not used to it.

Tonight- bunco. Or as my husband calls it - drunko. Rolling dice, money, and drinks - yea, that's what I've come to... Perhaps I'll load up my flask. Na, I know who is hosting - she'll have two or three different pitchers - at least one of which will involve tequlia. I'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

Hope you don't have a hangover today ;)

Builder Mama said...

Congrats on the 8 lbs!!!!

And I lmao over "drunko"....