Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Freezing Tomatoes

By the request of Army Wife, my directions for freezing tomatoes.

Start with ripe tomatoes.
It helps if you have a neighbor with an overflowing garden.
If not, check farmer's markets or other outlets for fresh produce.

Set a pan about half full of water and start it simmering.

Wash tomatoes and fill sink with cold water.

Blanch tomatoes for 30 - 60 seconds in simmering water.
This will help release the skins.
Take out of hot water and put in cold.
I generally drain them after they've cooled off - it only takes a couple minutes.

Take the skins off - they should slide right off. Take out the stem.

Dice tomatoes and put in freezer bags.
I use the quart bags and put in 4 cups of tomatoes.

Last night, I tried something different as well - I pureed tomatoes in the blender and then put them in bags.

Lay flat to freeze.
I ended up with one bag of diced and 3 1/2 bags of pureed.

That's it. Pretty easy and the only problem may be freezer space...


Army Wife said...

EXCELLENT, and the photos of your assistant cheers...

ok this is much easier than I thought, and I will be doing this...

I have a little man here down the raod with tomatoes coming out his ears. I will gladly pay his $1.00 per pound price for fresh as oppossed to those nasty things I buy in Winter from the store....

I knew I could not can ....just no way...

but this freezng thing...I have plenty of room...

(Is this the same for peaches?)

Gretchen said...

For peaches, check out this website:


Have fun!