Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wanted - Wife

Had a great time last night. Have friends in from 'back home' and had a great fire last night. So good the police showed up - again. This makes the third time this summer. Funny thing, this time my husband put the garage door opener in his pocket. When he saw the squad car, he quickly pushed the button, thereby shutting off the quiet music. The officer was stunned, and somewhat frustrated that he was called out on a bunch of adults sitting by a bonfire.

Got talking with some of the ladies... They were picking what services I could provide them. One wanted laundry done, one housework, and a third wanted dinner. We joked about how nice it would be to have a "wife" - and not in the derogitory sense at all. More in the sense of having someone else to the daily-grind stuff, leaving more time for family. They were more in awe of what I get done during the day. They were all willing to pay - at least last night while the drinks were flowing pretty freely. Pretty interesting thought, though... Oh, and we did talk about having a "husband" also.

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Dan said...

I'm my house, I AM the wife!