Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sugar and spice, and everything nice

That's what little girls are made of?

I have to wonder.

My very own six year old loves riding her bike. Through the water. And the mud. Around and around she goes in the cul-de-sac. Flipping one leg over and riding side saddle. Flipping her leg back just in time and hopping up, standing up to pedal. Throwing her legs and arms out as far as she can, laughing the whole way. Popping a wheelie. Practicing skidding the tires. Flipping her legs to one side yet again, jumping off to stop.

Things I have never done, and never have the desire to.

Until last night.

I am a timid bike rider. I didn't learn to ride until I was about eight. I have a healthy concern for the asphalt. Falling has never been my strong suit.

Last night we went for a family bike ride to the park. It's not far, maybe a quarter mile. There's a tunnel under the street to get there - meaning I'm not trying to herd the kids across a busy street.

After we got home, I unhitched the trailer and took the baby out. She wanted her Da anyway. The girl was still circling. Around and around. There had been a healthy rain earlier in the day, and there were plenty of puddles to go through. Around and around I went, hitting the puddles one by one. Around and around she went, following me then surging ahead. When we were done, I looked at her back: wet and muddy. I wonder what her future will bring. Will she surge ahead, secure in the knowledge that even if she falls, she can get right back up? Somehow, I know she will.

After that, she put on her rollerblades...


Builder Mama said...

She's brave and strong, just like her mama!

Tree said...

I am crossing my fingers my little girl is a tomboy!

Kudos to you for raising a fearless, confident girl!!

Dan said...

Our youngest is 15 months, and her legs look like they belong on a 5 year old boy. Bruises, cuts, scrapes. She charges around the garden, falls over, gets up, runs around, falls over, throws herself down the slide, rolls around with the dog.

My son gets dirt on his hand and wants a bath.

Gretchen said...

Dan - funny how two can be so different.

Tree - I have no doubt she will be strong and confident.

Builder - Thanks!