Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's Tuesday, right?

I am not myself. Raging stuffy nose, cough, sinus headache, and general crappiness (or is it crappyness?).

Husband left Sunday night, so he'd be ready for training at 8 am. Better than having him get up and leave at 4 am... I guess.

Since then I've been coughed on (you know, the kind where the spittle flies), pooped on (middle of the night blowouts at 3:30 am and 4:30 am and three outfits today - meaning when the sun is out), and puked on (I was even wearing my homemade "Mommy's busy... Take a number shirt"!). All I can say is that those zip up footie (or footy?) sleepers kept the poop in, and it didn't end up all over the sheets also. Worth their weight in gold.

Anything else? Oh yea. I'm sick.

This afternoon, after baby got up from her nap, I wasn't done with mine... I took them to their room, turned on cartoons, shut ourselves in the room, and laid (or layed?) on the boy's bed while they played. In that 20 minutes they managed to dump all the diapers and pullups out of the drawer and empty a box of kleenex. "It's snowing!" cried the boy. But it was completely priceless for the rest. It took about two minutes to pick up.

I'm thinking 99 cent kid's meals at Fazoli's for dinner... Yes, I'd rather haul out three kids by myself than cook spaghetti at home tonight - better Alfredo sauce and garlicky breadsticks.

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oktree said...

Oh, man, Gretchen, I hope you feel better soon!