Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday odds and ends

1. Husband'o'mine came home last night! Yea! Of course that means less time on the computer for me. He'll be working from home today, but the kids and I have a full day so we shouldn't be in his way - too much.

2. We're narrowing down the search for a house in our new location. It is significantly more expensive than where we are. We've found a couple, and I'd be happy now to just get the ball rolling on one of them. It's really starting to wear on me - having my husband gone so much. I can tell a difference in the kids, though they are probably just feeding off my stress.

3. I've done South Beach Phase I for the last four days and lost 6 pounds. I previously took off about 20, then gained back 5 over the holidays. I'm back with a vengence, as 5 pounds makes a load of difference in how my clothes fit and how I feel about myself. I'm going to try for another week, then back off and work with more of a Weight Watchers style. Hopefully a few more pounds will drop off in the next few days...

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