Thursday, November 10, 2005


I'm in for it I tell you.

A couple weeks ago, took the baby and the boy to WalMart. Baby was in need of 'staples' - socks, long-sleeve-button-crotch-shirts, and a pair of dress shoes. She squealed when we picked out the shoes, and insisted on carrying them the rest of the way. Visions of new shoes every WalMart/Target stop danced through my head. Got them home and hid them. Took them out two weeks ago. She has worn them every day since, leaving her poor, suitable sneakers by the wayside. While I'm getting her dressed in the morning, she holds her shoes, trying to put them on her feet. When I take them off, she cries until I distract her.

Glad to know that one of my kids likes shoes almost as much as I do. I don't cry when I take them off, at least not any more.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Ace does the same thing with her "party" shoes. They've been sitting in the back seat of the truck since she ripped them off her feet in a fit of rage on the way home from the doc last Friday. But she can't beg me to wear them every morning if she can't find them. ;)

Does baby insist on taking off her socks every single time she takes off her shoes? I can't get Ace to just wear socks, and it's cold out now! When I do take them off for her, she holds them gleefully in the air and says "Stinky" in a disgusted voice. LMAO!


oktree said...

So cute! I love it. Thanks for a view into having a little girl.