Friday, November 11, 2005

How is this possible?

Our house isn't on the market yet. The Realtor wants to show it tomorrow.

I told her ok, on the condition they don't expect it 'show clean'. I told her it would be 'company clean.'

Know how when you want something really bad it takes a really long time for it to happen, but when you don't want something to happen it happens right away?


Christina000 said...

hope it went well today.......

so you don't want to move? or just aren't ready?


mothergoosemouse said...

Yes. I do know.

At least you won't have to worry about keeping it "show clean" for weeks and weeks. I hope.

And people who really want to see your home will not care about toys and crumbs. I NURSED CJ while people walked through our old apartment.

oktree said...

OMG, J, really?

G - How did it go?


mothergoosemouse said...

Really. Discreetly, back in our bedroom. Had to be done.

Gretchen said...

They came and went. It was clear they were relocating, and blasting through as many homes as they could. Now, if I can keep it respectively clean, I can concentrate on closets and clutter in them.